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2025: Ex-NIWA DG, Moghalu, confirms interest in Anambra governorship

Former Director General of the National Inland Waterway Authority (NIWA), Dr George Moghalu, has put to rest speculation about his involvement in the 2025 governorship election of Anambra state.

Speaking to journalists in his Nnewi country home on Tuesday afternoon, Dr Moghalu confirmed that he would run in the election.

Responding to the prevailing insinuation that he has dumped the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), the former NIWA boss confirmed his interest in running for the governorship seat. But on the issue of the party platform, he said he was still consulting.

“Yes, I am interested in vying for the governorship of Anambra state. But I must stress that I am not desperate.

“Power belongs to God and He gives it to whoever pleases Him at any time. If it pleases Him, using the people of Anambra State to make me their Governor, well, to Him be the glory.

“I am willing and ready to serve,” he added.

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When reminded of the experience of the last governorship primary of APC in the state which has remained unresolved and had dragged on till the Supreme Court, and if he’s confident that the party will get it right this time, he said he was still consulting widely.

Moghalu pointed out that two issues are germane and usually critical in every election: the candidate and the platform.

Consequently, he was taking his time to choose the platform to use this time around.

According to him, I am still consulting widely, across party lines.

On his assessment of the APC-led Federal Government, in view of the festering economic difficulties being faced by the citizens, Moghalu pointed out that despite not having the mandate to speak on behalf of the government, he appealed to all to remain a little more patient.

“I sincerely acknowledge that things are quite rough presently, and even the government acknowledged it. But there is a plan/program being put in place to see they alleviate the difficulties and address the challenges. That’s why there are governmental interventions,” he said.

He added: “After all, I live here in Nigeria. I have family here, relatives, dependants and therefore I have my own personal experience.”

He said that insecurity in the southeast region is “a major concern, especially when viewed from the angle of the colossal it has visited on the people, the zone and nation.”

“It’s difficult to expect outside investors to come to invest in an area that is not secure. Security is the primary responsibility of any government in concert with the citizenry. Both have roles and duties.”


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