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LASG to launch vehicle scrapping scheme for upgrading old danfo buses to new models  

The Lagos State Government is planning to implement a vehicle scrapping scheme that provides existing operators of danfo minibuses used for public transport with incentives to acquire new vehicles in exchange for scrapping their old, dilapidated ones.  

This initiative is part of the recently unveiled Lagos State Transport Policy, aimed at modernizing danfo bus operations in commercial public transportation within Lagos State to effectively contribute to the first and last-mile transport needs of residents. 

The Lagos State Government recognizes that the majority of danfo buses currently in use are old, poorly maintained, and badly operated, hence the push for this vehicle scrapping scheme.  

According to Section 4.6 of the Transport Policy, which focuses on ‘Public Transport: Bus and Non-Bus Based,’ particularly the subsection on ‘Mini-Bus Services,’ the exchange of dilapidated danfo buses for new models through this scheme will help reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, while simultaneously improving service delivery capabilities with fewer breakdowns. 

The implementation of the vehicle scrapping scheme is expected to take place within two to five years from the policy’s unveiling, as detailed in the Recommended Implementation Timeline for Key Actions section of the policy. 

More insights  

Section 4.7 of the Transport Policy outlines the state government’s plans to introduce a vehicle scrapping scheme for private vehicles within Lagos.  

The policy notes that this initiative aligns with the Lagos State Government’s goal of reducing the average age of vehicles on Lagos roads and mitigating their current adverse environmental impact.  

“The Government’s policy on the use of private transport is to make their use more efficient while simultaneously promoting their reduced usage.  

“The Government will also seek to reduce, consistent with relevant Federal regulation, the average age of private vehicles licensed in the State by introducing a vehicle scrapping scheme similar to that proposed for minibuses (danfos),” a portion of Section 4.7 of the policy read.  

The policy notes that the Lagos State Government recognizes a large proportion of the vehicles used for private trips in Lagos are imported pre-owned vehicles, many of which are aged, poorly maintained, and often in poor condition.

These vehicles frequently break down on the road, causing traffic congestion. 

The proposed vehicle scrapping scheme aims to reduce the average age of private vehicles on Lagos roads, thereby addressing these issues.  

The Transport Policy emphasizes the need for the scheme to establish criteria consistent with relevant Federal regulations for determining affected vehicles. Additionally, it highlights the importance of an incentive system to encourage voluntary participation in the scheme. 

Caleb Obiowo

Caleb Obiowo

Caleb Obiowo has a degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Uyo. With over three years of experience writing about a range of topics, Caleb is dedicated to educating his audience through useful content. He is currently an analyst at Nairametrics focused on exploring the Nigerian transportion, construction, and real estate sectors, among others.

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