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Mohbad?s widow, Wunmi, shares adorable photos of their son, Liam, with the late singer and his mum



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It won’t still change the fact this child isn’t mohbad’s child. Go do DNA you nor gree. You dey hide. All these your display na to weep sympathy that is long gone. You won’t have that except for a gullible few who don’t have sense.

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong if mohbad’s father insist on DNA. Do it so that the man can stop talking,then we’ll see if he has another thing to say. Babies look like everyone. putting up pictures and quotes just to gather sympathy and weep sentiments won’t help anyone.

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Pikin wey resemble his papa die. Mohbad’s father just wants all of his late son’s assets and doesn’t want to share with anyone

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Una don trend pass Mobad wey get tge trend.. You guys( Father and daughter in-law) should provide and allow this lil boy to have a normal and decent live. Yall stop this nonsense already. 🥱

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If a statement is falsely attached to you, you prove your innocence, especially when a little baby’s identity is involved and your character is being maligned. After you have been proven innocent, you then take your accusers to court for soiling your name and your child’s name. You do not start running from pillar to post in order to avoid DNA. Also wunmi as a wife needs to say what killed Mohbad, how he died, what happened to him in the last 72 hours of his life. In any normal country, she would be one of the prime suspects, but hey, she lives in Nigeria. I wonder how she sleeps at night. A 24 year old young lady with a very colourful lifestyle. May Mohbad’s soul rest in peace. Stay away from crime, fast life, and drugs. There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is destruction.

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