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Muri & Ko earns over N100 million in Nigerian box office

The Nollywood movie “Muri and Ko” has recorded grossing over N100 million from ticket sales at the Nigerian box office.

This milestone, reported by Filmoneng, a leading West African distribution company, was achieved as of Monday, June 8, 2024.

Released on June 12, 2024, “Muri and Ko” generated N50 million in its first week, showcasing its immense popularity and strong audience reception.

Within three weeks, the film had amassed N89 million, reflecting its continued success and widespread appeal.

The star-studded cast includes Kunle Remi, Bisola Aiyeola, and Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori (Kiekie). Joining them are Femi Jacobs, Buchi Franklin, Charles Okocha, Gloria Anozie-Young, and Fiyinfoluwa Asenuga.

Kunle Remi, one of Nigeria’s top-grossing actors of 2023, has been a significant draw for the film. His notable roles in Netflix projects such as “Anikulapo,” “Praise Party,” “The Kujus Again,” “Love and Lust and Other Things,” “Malaika,” and “Something Like Gold” contributed to his impressive N149 million gross last year.

What to know

Directed by Biodun Stephen, “Muri and Ko” is a collaborative effort between Inkblot Productions and Stephen herself. Stephen’s films have consistently performed well in cinemas and on streaming platforms.

As one of Nollywood’s leading female producers, she often derives inspiration for her film titles from the names of the main characters, as seen in works like “Tiwa’s Baggage,” “Ovy’s Voice,” “Ehi’s Bitters,” and “Sobi’s Mystic.”

Biodun Stephen launched her filmmaking career in 2014 with “The Visit,” a film acclaimed for its minimalistic yet insightful cast, storyline, and originality.

“The Visit” received two nominations at the 2016 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Lagos. Stephen has also co-produced “Breaded Life” and directed “Sista,” further establishing her reputation in the industry.

More insight

“Muri and Ko” follows the story of Muri (played by Kunle Remi), a Lagos street hustler whose life takes a dramatic turn when he inadvertently steals a car with a child inside.

The film delves into Muri’s desperate struggle as the child’s parents offer a bounty for the child’s return and the police close in. Muri faces a heart-wrenching decision: ensure the child’s safe return or face severe consequences.

The film’s success shows the growing influence and quality of Nollywood productions. The significant box office earnings reflect not only the movie’s engaging storyline and stellar performances but also the increasing support for homegrown cinema among Nigerian audiences. The collaboration between Biodun Stephen and Inkblot Productions has proven to be a winning formula, combining creative storytelling with strong production values.

As the film continues to attract viewers, it reinforces the importance of diverse narratives and robust character development in captivating audiences and sustaining the growth of the Nigerian film industry.

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