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Sunday News RoundUp – BlogPerezy News

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Here are the News Roundup from around the World for Sunday 25th March 2024 brought to you by BlogPerezy

Ukraine Energy Crisis Deepens Amidst Russian Attacks

In Ukraine, several regions are reeling from widespread blackouts caused by targeted Russian missile strikes on vital energy infrastructure. The city of KV bore the brunt of these attacks, with reports of 15 blasts causing significant disruptions. Additionally, over 53,000 households in Odessa were left without power, exacerbating the challenges faced by Ukrainians. The Ukrainian Energy Minister has squarely accused Russia of attempting to destabilize the country’s energy system, leading to heightened tensions in the region.

Gaza Ceasefire Call: Diplomatic Efforts for Peace

Turning our attention to the Middle East, U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is actively advocating for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. This call for peace is contingent upon the release of hostages held by Hamas, marking a pivotal moment in diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the conflict. Blinken’s engagement in Israel underscores international concerns regarding the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Gaza, where over a million people are grappling with dire food insecurity and starvation. 

Indonesian Sea Rescues: Humanity Amidst Tragedy

In a tale of resilience and rescue, Indonesian responders successfully saved 69 Rohingya individuals found adrift on a dilapidated hull off the coast of Assa. Despite enduring sunburns and dehydration, these survivors’ stories highlight the courage and endurance of those seeking refuge amidst perilous conditions. Tragically, the rescue operation also reveals the harsh realities faced by many, with around 80 individuals feared dead after being swept away at sea. 

White Supremacist Arrests in Idaho: Law Enforcement’s Pursuit of Justice

Closer to home, law enforcement in Idaho made significant strides in capturing two white supremacist gang members linked to multiple homicides. The apprehension of these individuals, associated with the notorious Aryan Knights prison gang, follows a tense confrontation that resulted in injuries to three officers. Authorities are actively investigating whether the escape was sanctioned by the gang, underscoring ongoing efforts to combat organized crime and ensure public safety. 

President Bola Tinubu Advocates for strengthening the Naira through Local Patronage and Economic Intervention

In a significant move to bolster the Nigerian Naira and sustain recent progress against the Dollar, President Tinubu through his special adviser Ajuri Ngelale has called upon Nigerians to actively support locally made products and services across various sectors. The call comes amidst a steady appreciation of the Naira against the US Dollar, closing at N1,382 to a Dollar in the official market on Thursday.

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